'We are a multi-cultural
school and accept everyone, every religion, colour, whoever you are. We make new friends and find out about their religion.'

Year 5 Pupil 2011


Wenlock is proud to be an inclusive school. Meeting the needs of all our pupils is our priority. We believe every child has the capacity to astonish themselves with their achievements. Our teachers help each child develop a love of learning through a rich and balanced curriculum. Progress is closely monitored to ensure pupils are challenged and supported to do their best throughout their school life.

wenlock Children

We have an inclusive approach in meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and welcome pupils who need additional support with their learning. We carefully monitor the progress of pupils with SEN which allows us to identify needs and inform our provision. We provide support within the classroom as well as additional interventions where appropriate and work closely with outside agencies and families of children with additional needs to ensure the children make good progress.