'We are a multi-cultural
school and accept everyone, every religion, colour, whoever you are. We make new friends and find out about their religion.'

Year 5 Pupil 2011

The Lighthouse Provision

lighthouseThe Lighthouse Provision is based at Wenlock Junior School, although the provision is there to provide support for all the schools in the East Neighbourhood.

The provision is staffed by a manager, family worker and 6 BSA's.

We have capacity for 6 full time equivalent pupils. Pupils who attend the provision have a range of needs. They attend on either full time or part time basis. They generally remain with us for 1 to 2 terms.

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lighthouse classroomThe work undertaken at the provision is based around developing their social and emotional skills, children either work in the provision or are supported in mainstream schools. The team also undertakes early intervention by offering outreach, supporting pupils in the first instance in their base school.

Whilst at the provision children who achieve their targets attend Dell Farm each week as a reward. Children from Wenlock also join the group on a regular basis.

Ofsted noted recently;
'Pupils with behaviour difficulties are well-supported and often make good progress in their personal development. Some pupils have benefited from the help they have received from attending a specialist support unit. They are making a successful transition back into school, supported effectively by a specialist teacher.'
'The school's close links with the off-site provision used by a few pupils, and with its staff, means that the safety of the pupils concerned is ensured.'
(Ofsted report Someries Junior School May 2013)

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