'We are a multi-cultural
school and accept everyone, every religion, colour, whoever you are. We make new friends and find out about their religion.'

Year 5 Pupil 2011

Hazard Alley Safety Centre

On Tuesday 20th January 2015, Year 6 enjoyed a valuable and educational visit to the Hazard Alley Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. The children experienced a variety of dangerous or hazardous situations that could occur during every day life such as crossing the road, dangers in the home, dangers at a petrol station etc. They also had the chance to make an emergency 999 call to a real person from a telephone box. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day where the children excelled in their thoughtfulness, understanding and demonstrating our school values. We are all so proud of how they behaved yesterday and the useful and possibly life-saving lessons that they learnt on the trip.