'Pupils personal
development, behaviour and
welfare are good. Pupils have very
positive attitudes to learning
and work hard in lessons.'



From September 2014 we have be teaching the New Primary Curriculum which has been produced by the Department for Education. On the following pages, you can find information about the new curriculum, our approach to teaching it and the various different Themes that each year group will be covering each half term.

wenlock EXTRA

Beyond the Curriculum

Children are offered an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities including music, dance,sport and art. We celebrate children's talents and skills which they may have developed outside of school life and aim to continue to nurture these interests in school.

We offer an enormous variety of lunchtime and after school clubs. The emphasis is on giving children opportunities to enjoy their favourite pastimes and introduce them to new activities which they might not otherwise have tried. There is also comprehensive provision for instrumental music tuition.