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The purpose of History at Wenlock is to ensure that our children develop a progressive and chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history in an exciting and challenging cross curricular approach. Through combining History with other areas of the curriculum the purpose is to help children to understand History from a range of sources and how our knowledge of the past is constructed. We strive to support children to question, compare, respond and make their own thoughtful connections to significant historical events information.

Autumn Term

Wenlock kicked off the year with a real focus on History across most of the year groups. Book looks and displays are showing that children are engaging in History chronologically through our new question approach and cross curricular topics. Please see the Lower and Upper Key Stage Brochures of coverage and planned assessment criteria for further detail.

Lower KS2


Year 3

Stone Age – Are caveman real?

Year 3 has launched their topic through the English curriculum following the story of the Stone Age Boy, and linking this is historical timelines and artefacts. The children created some wonderful cave paintings and learnt that this is one way that we discovered about times in the past, way before historical records of writing and technology.

Spring Term

Year 3

Why were the Romans so powerful?

Year3 spent the whole of this term covering the topic of the Romans. Therefore, this is the last History topic for the year 2017/18 for them. The topic was cross curricular including English, Art, Music and History. The children created some wonderful art mosaics and investigated Roman music. The English writing has also been history based including Letters from a Roman Soldier, Non-chronological reports on Julius Caesar's invasion and a Recount on their exciting trip to Verulamium. Some excellent writing Year 3