'Pupils personal
development, behaviour and
welfare are good. Pupils have very
positive attitudes to learning
and work hard in lessons.'


Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Language studied at Wenlock is French.

The following overview for each year group is modified from Wakefield Scheme of Work.

Year 3

Children will learn numbers 1 – 10 and begin to make links between some sounds and spellings. Playing games such as number lotto or dice game will help consolidate this.

Children will learn basic greetings and be able to participate in a short exchange. They will become more familiar with pronunciation and be able to imitate this. Children will learn how to recognise simple questions and answer accordingly.

Children will learn the vocabulary for different colours and use this knowledge when learning a French song. They will use this knowledge to complete associated worksheets and experiment with writing French.

Names of Fruit
In this topic children will learn the vocabulary associated with some fruit and also discuss the differences between a healthy and unhealthy diet. Using this knowledge, they will be able to apply this to questions about items they like/dislike.