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Ofsted 2011

Year 3 Curriculum Map


Autumn 1

Topic: Roald Dahl

History Geography Art DT Science Learning Log
Cross Curricular
1 L.O. To produce a timeline of Roald Dahl's life.            
2       L.O. To design a puppet for a character.      
3       L.O. To make a puppet. (2-3 sessions).      
4       L.O. To write instructions.     Instructions on how to make a puppet.
5         L.O. To understand that light travels from a source.    
6         L.O. To understand that light is reflected from objects.    
7         L.O. To understand how a shadow is formed.    
8         L.O. To distinguish between opaque, translucent and transparent materials.   Science Investigation write up
9   L.O. To identify symbols on an ordnance survey map.          
10   L.O. To be able to read and give directions. (Using a compass)          
11     L.O. To research the techniques Quentin Blake.        
12     L.O. To sketch using the style of Quentin Blake.