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Ofsted 2011

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Autumn 1

Topic: King Arthur

History Geography Art DT Science Learning Log
Cross Curricular
1 About King Arthur
(1-2 sessions)
        Find other facts on King Arthur. Biography
2   Where Arthur went in England
(counties, map skills etc)
3 History of key Arthur locations
(research + write – 2 sessions)
          Non-chronological report
4 People around Arthur – knights
(St. George, Lancelot etc)
        Design you own knight. Diary (knights)
5 People around Arthur – Merlin.
How Merlin has changed in literature / tv.
        Who's your favourite Merlin and why?  
6     Family crest/shield – history of shields, then design own for King Arthur, followed up explanation write up.
(2 sessions)
    Own family crest Explanation
7         Properties of materials in terms of making a sword - characteristics of metals.
(2 sessions)
8       Design a sword.      
9       Write instructions for making designed sword.     Instructions
10       Make a sword - mod roc.      
11       Evaluate and redraft instructions.   What would you do if you were King Arthur? Editing / redrafting instructions