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Ofsted 2011

Year 6 Curriculum Map


Autumn 1 & 2

Topic: WWII

(2-3 weeks)
History Geography Art & DT Science Cross Curricular Writing
1 To understand why WWII started. To annotate pre and post WWII maps of Europe (and note capital cities) None – base line testing Inheritance and Adaptation & Change. Explanation text: to explain why the Versailles Treaty was the beginning of WWII.
2 What was the Blitz and which areas were most likely to be affected. To identify industrial areas of UK on a map. Language = urban/rural. Look at aerial views of Luton / GB To create a Blitz skyline As above Eye witness account: to write an eyewitness account of the Blitz
Poetry: to write a poem (blank verse?)
3 What were the effects of the air raids and the causes of evacuation. Map a journey from Luton to the countryside. Then to plot directions from class to xyz in school using compass and mathematical/geographical language of N/S/W/E left/ right/ 90o turn etc. To make a gas mask or Anderson Shelter. As above Debate: Argue for and against children being evacuated.
4 To investigate the feelings and experiences of being and evacuee. As above     Letter: to write to your parents describing how you are settling down. To describe the village you are living in and one main character that you have got to know.
5 Rationing and its impact on people's lives. NA To make a wartime cake (eggless sponge). See the 1940s  

Persuasive leaflet:
Focus on wartime propaganda:

  • Why dig for victory
  • Why carry a gas mask
  • Why send your child away.
6 Review of learning NA   Revision – Circuits:
Children to create Q&A.