'We have so many
exciting things to do at Wenlock, I want to try them all.'

Year 3 Pupil 2011

Football match away to Downside

Monday 1st October saw Wenlock's third football fixture of the autumn league. They travelled away to Downside Primary School – a school who previously beat Wenlock 5-4 last year in the summer league. After the loss to Bushmead, the team's spirits were still high as they were hungry for another three points. Downside play their football fixtures on an astro turf field which was unusual for the Wenlock boys as they are used to playing on grass. The change of playing surface did not affect the team, in fact they were looking forward to trying something different. The game started well for Wenlock with an early goal, the boys had gotten used to the surface rather quickly and enjoyed fizzing passes around to each other. Downside worked hard to get themselves back into the game before half time and did so (half time score 1-1). Entering the second half of the game saw Wenlock turn up the heat on their attacking side of things, they produced shot after shot which was beaten away by the fantastic performance of the Downside goal keeper. The game was drawing to a close and it looked set to finish as a draw until a great bit of play from Wenlock saw an opening for a goal, and they took it! A well worked move saw the score increase to 2-1, and much to the boys delight it stayed that way until the final whistle blew. Downside 1-2 Wenlock.