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Year 3 Pupil 2011

4ES Teeth and Tooth Decay

4ES have been learning about teeth and tooth decay. So … we had to do an experiment to see which liquid had the worst effect on teeth (egg shells).

The children made their predictions:

The children predicted that it would be cola (they were right!) but over the week we recorded our observations as to how the different liquids affected the egg shells. Our control variable was egg shells in water – this did not change.

Our five liquids were: Water, milk, orange juice, apple juice and cola.
Day 2: Milk

Day 2: Apple juice

Day 2: Orange juice

Day 2: Cola

And by day 6.

Day 6: milk

Day 6: Apple Juice

Day 6: Orange juice

Day 6: Cola

4ES Maths
4ES investigate with Numicon

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