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Year 3 Pupil 2011

4ES Brooches

Y4 children have been making Anglo Saxon brooches. As part of our themed learning the children in 4ES learnt that brooches were known as a 'dalc' or a 'spennel'. Women wore the brooches in pairs to fasten their dresses. Anglo Saxon brooches were usually made of bronze and sometime iron and decorated with gold or silver. Most Anglo Saxon broaches were round but towards the end of the Anglo Saxon era some brooches were in the shape of a crucifix. We found out that many artefacts have been discovered in the East Angla and Midlands region. 

The children set to making their own brooches. First they had to sketch their brooch and then decide which colours and gems they would use. The choice of colours was important as the children were able to draw on previous learning about what a colour represented e.g. green was for new beginnings.
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