'We have so many
exciting things to do at Wenlock, I want to try them all.'

Year 3 Pupil 2011

4ES Tag Rugby

​ Y4 are learning the skills they need to play tag rugby. They have started by throwing underarm to ...
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Values Morning Koinonia

Y4 enjoyed a values morning where we learnt about the Christian values of koinonia and forgiveness. ...
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Can you make a Viking Longboat?

​ Y4 are learning about instructional writing. The grammatical focus is pronouns, time adverbials, i...
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The Beatitudes

​ This term the Y4 children are seeking to understand why some people follow Jesus. We will be focus...
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Walk to School Challenge

​ Y4 children took part in the walk to school challenge last term. We kept a chart of how we came to...
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4ES Christmas Party

4ES enjoy their Christmas party!

4ES Adobe Videos

4ES enjoyed using Adobe Video to make turn their profile of their gods into a video. The children wo...
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4ES Hope

Y4 made 'cubes of hope' as part of our values curriculum. The children thought about what hope meant...
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4ES Geography

​ 4ES have been learning about North and South America. They used their map skills to locate countri...
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4ES Brooches

Y4 children have been making Anglo Saxon brooches. As part of our themed learning the children in 4E...
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