'We have so many
exciting things to do at Wenlock, I want to try them all.'

Year 3 Pupil 2011


​ Today Wild4You visited the Y4 children. They found out about the different reptiles there are and ...
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Year 4 Gripping Yarns

​ Y4s were treated to Gripping Yarn tales about Britain after the Romans left. They learnt that if y...
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Pentecost in the community

​ Wenlock CofE Junior school children had the opportunity this week to experience Pentecost at St Ch...
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Year 4 Classification

Y4 have been learning about classification and developing our questioning skills. To finish the unit...
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Year 4 Bush Craft

​ Y4 enjoyed a day of learning bush craft activities. We began the day by making damper bread and ra...
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Compassion and Fair Trade

​Y4 began the term by considering the value of compassion and how Fair Trade is a living example of ...
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Y4 Easter Production

​ The year 4 children performed their Easter Production to parents, Wenlock children and children fr...
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Y4 Sports Relief

​ Y4 took part in Sports Relief day and every child ran a mile.

Y4 Science Week

​ Y4 enjoyed taking part in science week – creating crystals, separating colours, creating vibration...
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Y4 visit to St Annes

Y4 visited St Anne's church to learn about Easter. The children listened to the Easter Story and lea...
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