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Year 3 Pupil 2011

Digital Resilience - Stay safe online

Y4s took part in an assembly on digital resilience. They learnt how to be safe when gaming online and they found out about how to recognise a fake website. The children learnt that they needed to check that the address in the web bar matches the content. Does the website actually feature any facts? Is the author named?

This is an example of a fake website

The children were told to question everything they see – don't just trust information because it is on the internet. Always check the web address to make sure it is a known one e.g. .com, .org or address.

How do you spot fake news? Often fake news will have some truth (but many facts are held back or not included) or it is all a big lie. Again the children were told to ask themselves: has the story been reported elsewhere, is the organisation reporting the news from an official website?

Lastly – tell a trusted adult about anything you are unsure about.

World Book Day 2018
Y4 enjoy their Christmas lunch

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