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Year 3 Pupil 2011

Luton Council of Faiths visit Wenlock Y4 children

Y4 children at Wenlock were privileged to listen to and take part in a discussion around the topic: "What will make our town a more respectful place?" This is a topic the current Y4 children will study as part of their Y5 religious education curriculum next year. 

The children were attentive and asked some very interesting questions of the representatives of the different faiths which I have summarized below. 

Perhaps the greatest joy of this presentation was that it was not just a presentation by different faiths touching on topics of respect and harmony but a living embodiment of these values. There was much laughter and respect between the different faiths and this was a superb example for us to follow.

What we learnt:
When we have our differences with others there are two choices: we either agree or disagree, or, we learn to 'disagree well'. Luton Council of Faiths have said that we will stand together to make our town a peaceful place. It is local solidarity.

The Christian perspective says to love your neighbor and to love your enemy. Since your neighbor could be your enemy we are charged to love and be respectful to everyone. Even if you do not have a faith it is our duty to be forgiving and show kindness to our neighbours. A Muslim view is that there is the right of God (to be worshiped) and the rights of people. To this end it is the responsibility of each individual to keep an eye on their neighbor to ensure, for example, that they do not go hungry.

Questions that were asked – and for us to ponder:

  • Can you use other religions to achieve your goals?
  • Can your unity of faiths create disagreement within your community?
  • How can religious rules make the town more respectful?
  • What feelings do you have when you pray?
Wenlock CofE Junior School would like to extend a very big thank you to all the people who came to our school and engaged with the children around the topic: "What will make our town a more respectful place?"
Year 4 – Chinese theme day