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Year 3 Pupil 2011

Pentecost in the community

Wenlock CofE Junior school children had the opportunity this week to experience Pentecost at St Christopher's Church in Luton. The children rotated around each station to better understand how God's holy spirit helped his disciples begin to spread the good news of God's love.

Station 1 – Waiting: the children thought about what it is like to wait for something important and how the disciples might have felt waiting for God's gift of the Holy Spirit.

Station 2 – Receiving: How do you know if you have received something that is invisible? How would the disciples know they had received God's gift of love?

Station 3 – Telling: How can the good news be spread? How did the disciples spread the good news about Jesus?

Station 4 – Doing: Here the children reflected on how the disciples were emboldened to spread the good news and not be afraid.

Station 5 – Sharing: Here the children thought about helping each other by sharing our individual gifts to build our communities.

A big thank you to St Christophers for hosting this event and to the staff who have supported the school in setting up and being there each day to help.

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