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Year 3 Pupil 2011

The Beatitudes

This term the Y4 children are seeking to understand why some people follow Jesus. We will be focusing on The Beatitudes to decide if they are still relevant to people today. 

The children started their learning by discussing what image makes them happy and how do they feel with they look at their chosen image. Here are some of the things the children said about happiness:
Happiness gives everyone a smile (Inaaya)
Happiness is still there on a dull day (Destiny)
Happiness is in your heart (Isabella)
Happiness is the food of love (Finian)
Happiness is a sign of respect for others and myself (Mikey)
Happiness shines even when it is dark (Palwasha)

Then we thought about which values Happiness might mean to a Christian:
Peace maker (Ruby)
Faith – believe in one God (Andrew)
Hope for the future (Zoha)
The Holy Spirit is in your heart (Jamal)
Feeling safe and secure in God's love (Evelina)
Hunger for happiness (Mya, Haneal)
Respecting each other (Palwasha)
Being righteous (Rufaro)

Then the children looked at the word "Blessing" and had to think of one word that would summarise its meaning.

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