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Year 3 Pupil 2011

Values Morning Koinonia

Y4 enjoyed a values morning where we learnt about the Christian values of koinonia and forgiveness.

The children explored the concept of koinonia and found out that it is about working together with God to help each other and our community. We talked about how we should treat each other as a brother or sister and that this means we should treat each other as we wish to be treated. We talked about the different ways we already give to our local community (harvest, food for the local food banks, raising money for charities) and we talked about what it might mean to have a relationship with God. We also found out that koinonia is an early Greek word that means 'fellowship' which can be interpreted as togetherness and having a common belief. Lastly we talked about how being together makes us strong as a community.

After making our wreath to show our unity as a class, we moved on and thought about forgiveness. We made a list of words associated with forgiveness: compassion, understanding, sorry from the heart, peace, love, strength and freedom. We reflected quietly about the concept of forgiveness then discussed why it is important to be sorry from the heart. We also thought about the peace it brings us when we admit our mistakes and the freedom we feel when someone says sorry to us. Lastly we decided that to say sorry and to accept forgiveness was a sign of a strong character, not a weakness.

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