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Year 3 Pupil 2011


Today Wild4You visited the Y4 children. They found out about the different reptiles there are and why some are nocturnal animals. We also learnt that reptiles lay eggs and the female digs a burrow to keep the eggs safe.

Pythons are sometimes called Ball Pythons because when they are frightened they roll into a ball. The other name is Royal Python because in some African countries the skin is worn as a necklace. The python's favourite food is small birds, mice and rats. Snakes are able to pick up on the heat of their prey.

Reptiles shed their skin about 5 times a year and it comes off in one piece.

The Argentinian Tegu loves to burrow deep into the forest floor and will eat anything they can catch. They also have good eyesight and can run very fast to catch their food. The males can grow to 4.5 feet long. Again they shed their skin.

The tortoise is a herbivore and can live up to 100 years. They are born with their shells which are soft. In England a tortoise needs UV light to help their shell harden as it is not warm enough here. A male has a concave tummy while the female has a convex tummy. 

A millipede will turn into a ring when frightened. They can live for about 15 years and eat rotting vegetation. The African millipede has 132 legs on each side.

The Mexican spider has an exoskeleton which once a year it sheds and the new skeleton grows. Every spider is poisonous and the poison acts like an enzyme to break down the food. It has 10 legs because the 2 front legs are half legs which hold their prey and to spin their web.

Short tail possum is a marsupial. She eats insects and fruit and carries her babies. She uses her tail as an extra limb to carry sticks and other items to make her nest. The tail is prehensile.

The chinchilla has 60 hairs from each follicle to keep her warm. Because she is so fury she can't get wet otherwise she would not dry so they have sand baths instead.

A baby owl is called an owlet and is fed by their parents. They swallow their food whole.

Year 4 Gripping Yarns

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