'We have so many
exciting things to do at Wenlock, I want to try them all.'

Year 3 Pupil 2011

Y4 children visited the Gudwara

The Y4 children visited the Gudwara last Wednesday. They were able to witness prayer in action, ask question (of which there were many) and see the Sikh holy book – the Ganth Sahib. The children learnt a lot of new facts about Sikhism:

  • The prayer hall has 4 doors to show that everyone is welcome regardless of their personal faith.
  • Hair is a gift from god which is why it is not cut.
  • Men and women are treated equally within the Sikh faith.

Y4 children would like to say a big thank you to the Sikh community for sharing their faith with us.  

Who is my father?

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