'We have so many
exciting things to do at Wenlock, I want to try them all.'

Year 3 Pupil 2011

Year 6 Blitz Artwork

The children in Year 6 have been learning about the Blitz and what this meant for Britain. They then...
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Year 6 Anderson Shelters

​Linked to our Theme, World War II, and our Big Learning Question, Why did the world go to war? the ...
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Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday 13th December 2017, the school had their Christmas Dinner. The children (and staff J) a...
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Bikeabilty (Week 1)

​ What a week it has been in Year 6! Well done to Groups 1 and 2 of Bikeability who worked really we...
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Year 6 Harvest

On Friday, Year 6 performed ' How the Harvest Mouse got his name ' to their parents and the children...
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Fire Safety

​ On Monday, Lorraine for the Fire Department and Safety Squad came to talk to the children about th...
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Internet Safety Assembly

​ On Friday, the Year 6 children were visited by Sally from Bedfordshire Police. She came to tell th...
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Macbeth Performance

​ On Wednesday, Year 6 children were amazed by the performance of Macbeth by the Young Shakespeare C...
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Active maths

​ We have been learning about place value, decimals and rounding as part of the maths curriculum. We...
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Year 6 have been thinking about the settings and characters in Macbeth. Here they are reciting one o...
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