'We have so many
exciting things to do at Wenlock, I want to try them all.'

Year 3 Pupil 2011

Year 6 Visit St. Anne's Church and St. Christopher's Church

Over the past few days, Year 6 have visited both St. Anne's church and St. Christopher's church. The children were very respectful and made the staff of Wenlock extremely proud with how attentive and cooperative they were during both sessions.

At St. Anne's on Thursday, the children thought about how Christians and people of other faiths support charities and the good work that is carried out by these charities throughout the world.

At St. Christopher's on Monday, the children learnt more about Pentecost. The children spent time at different stations around the church to hear more about the teaching of Jesus.

Ashcroft Transition Visit
Year 6 Cinema Trip

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